Bargain Book Reviews

We find good books at great prices.


What do you consider to be a ‘bargain book’?

For the sake of quantifying it, we’ll say a bargain book is anything listed for less than $5.00 (but preferably in the $0.99 -$2.99 range, or free!).

Where do you get your books?

Most of the time, we get review requests from authors. We also subscribe to Wordslinger Publicity and for books and requests. Sometimes we’ll come across a book on our own that’s so great we can’t help but review it. But we love hearing from authors and getting the word out!

I’ve published a book! How do I get it reviewed?

Easy! Send an email to with a Kindle friendly copy of your novel (preferably Kindle copy or PDF – no gifting please!). Don’t forget to include your name (pen name), title of your novel, a bit about the book, and a JPEG of the cover!

We also accept physical copies of novels; just email for a mailing address!

Please note that due to demand and limited time, we won’t be able to review every book we are requested to review (we would be booked up for a few years if we did!). But rest assured, we read very carefully over every request and only decline those we feel would not be a good fit for this site.

My book is part of a series, will you review all of the books?

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we will not be reviewing entire series so as to give more authors a chance to be reviewed. Please only send us the first book in the series because we cannot fairly review a novel if we are expected to pick up the story in the middle of the story line.

I’m interested in having my book be part of a Giveaway! Where do I send it?

We are currently looking into doing some giveaways for books we review! If you would like your book to be reviewed and have a copy sent to one lucky winner, send us two copies through the mail. Feel free to make the win even greater by signing the copy to be won or, if printed, including a book related bookmark (always love when books have matching bookmarks)!

What genre of books do you review?

We read everything! Sure we have our favourites, but we would never turn down a good book.

*Please note* This refers to fictional books only. We don’t have anything against non-fiction, but our blog and reviews are designed for fiction and fun.

When will my review be posted?

We will each be posting reviews once a week.  Ali will post Tuesdays and Beth will post on Thursdays, with one review per day, so it will depend on how many requests we have. We will let you know an estimated time when you can expect it to be reviewed, as well as an email when the review has been posted.

Where will the review of my book be posted?

The reviews will be posted on our blog, Amazon, and Goodreads, with links on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Will you both review my book?

No. Books are divided between us by our interest in them (we may even fight over some), and your book will only be reviewed by one of us. If you wish, you may request someone specifically.

Do you give bad reviews?

We give honest reviews. We won’t be unnecessarily harsh, but we won’t say something is great if we don’t really believe it.

Do your reviews include spoilers?

No. While we may slip up on occasion (we’re only human after all), we try to keep our reviews as spoiler free as possible.

 I’m an indie author and would like to be featured in a Spotlight Sunday post. What steps do I need to take?

All you have to do is email us a short bio with links to some of your work. Be sure to have a bit of time cleared during the week to answer some questions from one of us and we’ll let you know when to expect your interview to be posted!

Do you need to review one of my books before I can be featured in a Spotlight Sunday post?

You don’t need to have a book reviewed on our site first, but if you would like us to review one the same week as your interview, we are more than happy to do so! Just include a kindle friendly copy or a link to a free download version in your email to us, or request a mailing address where you can send a physical copy of the book.

 Have a question that wasn’t answered?
Email us at

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