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Werewolves of Chicago: Curragh by Faleena Hopkins

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Warning: scenes of rape and sexual assault

Werewolves of Chicago: Curragh by Faleena Hopkins is a mix of paranormal romance and crime drama. Detective Kara Monaghan, a new transplant to Chicago PD has a hard time fitting in with the rest of the force despite being a stellar detective. After a long shift, she unwinds in a bar and ends up hooking up with a stranger in the bathroom. When each other’s identities are discovered: she’s  a cop and he’s a crook (or so she assumes), they know they can’t see each other again. But Kara’s case mirrors Curragh’s mission and as Kara’s professional and private lives become more entwined and the mobster she and Curragh are chasing grows more vicious, lines are crossed and Kara has a choice to make.

 The plot line is fairly simple. After these two hook up, they vow never to do it again, but over the course of their separate investigations into a Russian mobster, they keep bumping into each other and bumping uglies. There are a few twists throughout the investigation, but overall, the book felt drawn out.

I did enjoy the chemistry between Kara and Curragh (but a bar bathroom? Ewww) but some of the phrasing or a misused word during the sex scenes was odd and would pull me right out, ruining a fairly good scene. Actually, odd phrasing and misused words were fairly common throughout this novel, as well as a lack of commas after dialog and different speakers speaking in the same paragraph, though the last could have been a formatting error. I found the writing to be a bit basic, and the authors habit of using multiple exclamation points or all capital letters to show yelling juvenile. An editor would have really helped this book. Overall, this book felt drawn out and wasn’t the fast pace it needs to keep a reader turning pages.

I did enjoy the twists at the end and I enjoyed the camaraderie between the members of Curragh’s pack. The werewolves have an unusual rule in this universe: they can’t kill each other or they risk being shunned. To me, that doesn’t make sense. If you have a psychotic wolf, how do you handle it? They also aren’t ruled by the moon phase, but that seems to be a fairly common deviance from traditional werewolf lore these days.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with this book. For me, the writing wasn’t up to par and the plot fairly predictable. The characters were pretty good though, and the relationship between Curragh and Kara pretty good.

My Rating: 2/5

Plot: 1.5/5

Characters: 3/5

Dialog: 2/5

Writing: 1/5

Entertainment: 2.5/5

If you’re interested in this book, it’s free on Amazon.

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