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Carrion Jonathan Rose

book review

Warning: Lots and lots of gore and violence

I know I warned you about gore, but I feel the warning wasn’t quite enough. I had to skip over parts of this story due to the gore, and a lot of the scenes left me feeling nauseated.

So now that I’ve doubly warned you (this book really does warrant it), let’s get to the actual review.

In Carrion, we read the story from a unique perspective. It’s told from the perspective of a monster that I can only describe as a zombie, even though he’s never named as such. He’s driven by hunger, ignores pain, cannot understand the human language but he knows the names of things and he learns. But he’s more animal than man in this knowledge.

The interesting thing is, he’s not the only character I’d classify as a monster. There are flies and rats that have been exposed and therefore infected by the same contagion and are ravenous in their hunger, attacking both the living and dead. There’s also the character the monster refers to as “the hero”. I can’t say more about these characters without spoiling the novella, but some of the acts perpetrated against others definitely put other characters in the monster category, perhaps even more so than “the monster” because they’re willingly doing these while “the monster” is acting on instinct.

We also meet the monster’s victims, who all meet their gruesome deaths in different manners, and some of which could also be considered monsters. (I had to skip one scene entirely once I knew what was going to happen because of this).

But this novella is not just gore and violence. It’s well planned and the encounters are thought out and much deeper than the average zombie book. The writing, while wordy at times, uses a diverse vocabulary to paint vivid images. There are also a few sketches thrown in throughout the story to emphasize certain points, which I also thought were really good.

Overall, this novella isn’t my preferred genre, but the writing was actually good and I enjoyed the monster’s journey. If you enjoy gore, violence, and philosophy, this book is for you.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Plot: 4/5

Dialog: 4.5/5

Characters: 4.5/5

Writing: 5/5

Entertainment: 4.5/5

If you’re interested in this book, it’s available on Amazon for $.99 or free for KU subscribers.

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