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Renegade by Jacqueline M Sinclair

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Contains scenes of sex and some violence.

 Renegade is a romantic tale following a small town boy with a bad reputation, William Steele and all around good girl, Margaret Wilson. When she meets William, she’s not interested in the least. Her mother is dying, her father is not coping well, and as a religious, studious good girl, she knows he’s the type of boy her parents warned her away from. When William and his friend crash Margaret’s Saturday night girl’s night, she sees another side of the town’s bad boy and wonders how true his reputation can be.

Set in 1969 in a small town, Jacqueline M. Sinclair captures the big events of the era, the free love movement, the draft, and the Vietnam war, along with the nuances of small town life with its expectations, scandals, and prejudices. The setting was alive almost as much as the characters, and I love it when a book can thoroughly transport me to another world. When I finished, I had to put my kindle down and blink a few times before I transitioned back to the present.

The characters were just as vibrant. While I thought Margaret was going to follow a familiar romance trope (good girl meets bad boy and begins wild rebellion) and she does to an extent, she still manages to keep that good girl essence, even when we got to the steamy bits, which a lot of other characters following this trope lose. William, for his reputation, isn’t all that much of a bad boy. Sure, he drag races, sleeps around, and fights on occasion, but he’s loyal, and his reputation is due to his family’s origins in the town a few generations ago, not earned from anything he’s done.

I loved the way William and Margaret’s relationship progressed. Margaret’s attraction didn’t stem from William’s reputation. In fact, she resists him until he shows the real William. I can understand why she fell for him though. Her life is repetitive and a little depressing. William shows her an exciting side of small town living.

While the plot was a bit predictable, it was written really well. I didn’t notice any grammatical errors or typos, both main character’s voices came through clearly, and, the author can write erotica. *fans self*

My Rating: 4.3/5

Plot: 3.5/5

Writing: 5/5

Characters: 4/5

Dialog: 5/5

Entertainment: 4/5

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