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Irony by Robert Shroud

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Warning: Contains scenes of alcoholism, violence, child abuse

Irony, by Robert Shroud, follows Detective Reginald Thomas Williams, a man once on the rise, but after a shooting and his wife leaving because she couldn’t  handle the risk he put himself in, Reggie is lucky he still has a job. He’s fairly close to being an alcoholic, but with a serial killer loose, he’s doing his best to keep his job and catch the man they’re calling the Animal.

While the premise is interesting, it’s nothing unusual, and neither is this book. From Reg’s drinking problem and home life to the bad guy’s psychosis, this book felt familiar, but not in the good way. It was cliched and predictable. The dialog was also stilted, and we were told things, not shown, throughout the book. Clues also fell into the cop’s laps with no real police work. There was also a lot of abrupt head hopping, especially toward the end. This book could use a pass by a good editor and it would greatly improve.

That being said, I did feel for Reg. He enjoys his job, even though it cost him his marriage. He’s struggling to cope with the loss and trying to prove himself to the Captain so he can work real cases again. I did connect with him and enjoyed the interactions between him and his friends.

The Animal was a sad and frightening character but again, not very original. His backstory is heartbreaking though, so kudos to the author for making me feel bad for a murderer. Still, the book needs some work.

My Rating: 2.2/5

Plot: 1.5/5

Writing: 2.5/5

Characters: 3/5

Dialog: 2/5

Entertainment: 2/5

If you’re interested in  Irony, you can buy it on Amazon for only .99.

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