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A Demon’s Folly by Brian Abdo


Contains violence and gore

A Demon’s Folly follows Cade, an old demon that was turned against his will by being bitten by another demon in 410 A.D.. Cade has been searching for his mentor ever since, and we see flashbacks to his first years as a demon throughout the novel. Personally, I don’t think they added anything relevant to the story, but the author did capture the time period well.

Cade has been living in Saras, North Carolina, a college town as a resaerch student for about thirty years now, longer than he usually stays in one place, but the world is becoming more aware of supernaturals and because there aren’t many around to rat him out. Or there weren’t, until a nest of vampires rolls in, along with witches and elementals. When students start dying in magic circles, Cade is called in by the local police as a consultant, and forcibly recruited by Parasec, a government agency that recruits or kills beings just like Cade.

While I found the mystery to be intriguing and that only picked up around the last third of the book, I just couldn’t connect to Cade. He’s a demon with a set of morals and not at all demon-like. I wasn’t a fan of any of the other characters either, except for Hailey. I want to see what happens next with her.

I thought the plot was slow, and the story only really caught my attention after the Big Fight. The flashbacks to his early demon days didn’t do much for the plot either. I put this book down multiple times and it was only 200 pages long. I can usually read that in a matter of hours.

But it wasn’t the plot that had me struggling to finish; it was the frequent grammar mistakes that put me off. Sentence fragments, misused and misspelled words, incorrect phrases, and a lot of repetitive descriptive paragraphs when one sentence  a couple adjectives would have sufficed were on every page. This book definitely needs to be looked over by an editor and re-released.

My Rating: 1.2/5

Plot: 1.5/5

Characters: 1.5/5

Dialog: 1/5

Writing: 1/5

Entertainment: 1/5

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