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Sunday Spotlight- E.B. Black

sunday spotlight

E.B. Black is the annoying author who lives in the head of a nerdy housewife named Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to live out her days by walking her dog, spending time with her husband, doing housework, and watching television, but E.B. Black makes her drop everything to type out weird fantasy stories. Elizabeth is asking anyone who reads this to please send help.

How did you get started writing?

I started seriously writing because of a college professor. He was teaching us how powerful entertainment and storytelling was. You can tell someone something and they hear it, but when you put it into story, they actually feel it. When I talk in my day to day, I often provide examples when I am talking about something. I think I like to talk to people through stories.

What books do you currently have published?

Right now I have four novels and three short stories. All of my novels are Fantasy Romance.

I have two series: “The God Of Light Series” and “The Fate Of Eros Series”

The Fate of Eros series is where I retell greek mythology, but I write a behind the scenes type of thing. I write about the truth of what happened and how it changes the story completely. Like, one of my novels is about Medusa and how she’s actually the hero of her story instead of the villain.

“The God Of Light Series” is a love triangle between the god of the suns, the god of the moon, and a female witch. The first two books: “Bright’s Passion” and “Night’s Lust” are being released on the same day.

The first book of both series is available for free.

What was the inspiration behind Bright’s Passion?

I was actually inspired to write it by Facebook. I kept seeing these cute little stories online about the sun and moon being lovers. How the sun would chase the moon forever and rarely catch her, but when he did, it made such a beautiful eclipse that everyone stared. I just thought how beautiful and tragic it would be for the god of the sun to fall in love with a woman trapped in the night and I came up with my story.

Do you have any current works in progress? If so, would you be willing to tell us about them?

I’m working on three books.

The first is the third book in the “God Of Light Series”, it’s called “Bright’s Passion.”

The second two are standalone novels.

“Spirit Speaker” is about a teenage necromancer losing control of her powers. She’s in danger of being consumed by them and death.

“For Your Touch” was another book inspired by Facebook. I saw a picture that said that people wished that someone would write a romance story where a fictional character slowly fell in love with the person reading the book. So I decided to do that.

What is your favorite part of writing?

I like when I’m close to the end. When I can see all the work I’ve done and all the progress I’ve made, it feels like a reward in and of itself.

I also like how writing is a nice distraction from the real world.

What part of the writing process do you struggle with the most?

I struggle with self-confidence the most.

Do you have any favorite authors you aspire to be compared to? (i.e. the next Nora Roberts of romance?)

I have a lot of authors that I admire and try to be more like. Most of them are my friends. I learn things from them just by reading their work or talking to them. A lot of them aren’t super popular, but I’ve read their books and they have skill. That’s what I look up to more than sales.

What are your thoughts on traditional vs self-publishing?

I think both are important. I like writers having options because different things work for different people. I’d love to someday be published in both ways.

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

Write every day and never give up. It’s a marathon, not a race, and if you keep going, eventually you’ll get to the end.

At first writing regularly is going to be really hard, but if you do it enough times, it will become a habit and it will feel unnatural when you don’t do it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to say thank you for hosting me on your blog.

Readers, I’ll be reviewing Bright’s Passion later on in the year, but here are links to all of E.B. Black’s works.


You can also connect with her on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and her blog.

Thanks for reading!


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