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Clever Baby Animals by Ruth Overton


Clever Baby Animals, by Ruth Overton is a children’s book about, you guessed it, baby animals. Which means, I had to bring in the experts, my one and three-year-old, to get their opinions.

As a parent, I enjoy educational books, especially if they’re paired with good illustrations or pictures. There are a lot of great, high-quality pictures throughout the book that both kids enjoyed. It gives the kids something to focus on and ask questions as you read. They interested the one-year-old the most, and she laughed when we made animal noises as we read.

This book covers five different animals and gives a few facts for each as well as the animal’s baby names. It took my three-year-old two read-throughs before she understood the questions, “What is a baby (insert animal here) called?” Before, she thought the question asked about the noise the animal made which was how she answered, but with the third reading, she answered all of the questions correctly (I’m a proud Momma)!

Even my husband learned something new while we read, so it was fun for the whole family and I’m sure I’ll be asked to read this book again tomorrow. For the parents out there, it’s a fairly quick read, only 13 pages, so it can be read and reread over and over again.

My Rating: 5/5

If you’re interested in this book, it’s only .99 on Amazon and would make a great gift for any child, niece, nephew, or grandchild.

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