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Sunday Spotlight- Red Harvey

sunday spotlight
Red Harvey is an English professor obtaining a PhD in Humanities, with a specialization in speculative literature.
Her hobbies include helping out with the indie press, Nuff Said Publishing. She also works as an assistant editor for the academic journal, Penumbra, at Union Institute & University. In her downtime, she reads, researches, and writes. Her main source of fun is nerding it up with her goofy five-year-old son. 
I reviewed Red Harvey’s Daughter of Zeus last Tuesday and now we get to hear from the author herself!
How did you get started writing?
 I wrote my first story, Fluffy the Horse, in first grade. After that, I wrote several novellas, but never finished them. While I was pregnant with my first son, I pushed myself to finish a story, and I did.
What books do you currently have published?
Cursed (original 2013, reprint Feb. 2016)
What was the inspiration behind Daughter of Zeus?
My inspiration starts with a seed, and from there, two or three crazy ideas attach themselves. For Daughter of Zeus, I toyed with the idea of a gifted individual, but I didn’t want her to be a superhero. I wanted her to be a blundering, flawed person who committed stupid acts and followed through on stupid decisions. Voila! Lead character, Ada Freyr, was born, complete with the power to manipulate electricity and the desire to murder her father. 
Then again, sounds weird when I lay it all out like that…
Do you have any current works in progress? If so, would  you be willing to tell us about them?
I’m polishing off an untitled NaNo piece about a futuristic group of interstellar explorers. They embark to connect with alien civilizations, and the journey changes them, both physically and mentally.
What is your favorite part of writing?
I love editing. Going back over the paragraphs, I’m often thinking, what the hell? Who wrote this? I love re-discovering the work, clarifying meaning, and learning about the characters all over again.
What part of the writing process do you struggle with the most?
I struggle with writing the first word. Sometimes, I stare at a page, going over conversation or ideas in my head. Once I finally throw words on the page, I’m in the flow, and I’m in love.
Do you have any favorite authors you aspire to be compared to? (i.e. the next Nora Roberts of romance?)
If anyone ever compared me with Stephen King, Samuel Delaney, or N.K. Jemisin, that first word might come easier to me every time.
What are your thoughts on traditional vs self-publishing?
Traditional publishing brings experience, validation, and (sometimes) a hefty paycheck.
However, in today’s tech-friendly world, self-publishing can yield greater rewards, if you’re willing to put in the editing and marketing time.
Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?
Write. When you think you suck, write again. When you know you suck, edit.

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