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Daughter of Zeus by Red Harvey


Warning: sexual assault

Daughter of Zeus by Red Harvey is a sci-fi novel following Ada Freyr, a young woman with terrifying powers: she can manipulate electricity. When the powers result in the death of her husband, Ada vows to get revenge on the man responsible, her absentee father. With money problems at home and her mother in the hospital, Ada plans a road trip to Atlanta with her mother’s boyfriend in tow, intent on making her father pay and then killing him. But secrets are revealed during her stay, making her decision a lot harder than Ada had hoped.

This story was interesting. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very sympathetic to Ada. She’s abrasive and rude, a hard person to like. Yes, she has a hard life, but I found her a little off-putting, even with her tragic backstory. She also has a weird set of morals. In one scene, she questions a man and puts him in cardiac arrest, but in the next paragraph an unnatural citizen is being taunted which she thinks is wrong. Ada goes through a lot of growth, though whether it’s real or artificial, thanks to another character’s meddling will probably be determined in the upcoming books. Kressick is a little more likeable, but has some pretty creepy powers. I’m still unsure if he’s good or bad. Shylar was a bit of a mystery, as I’m not entirely sure he’s human.  Overall, the characters are fascinating and often operate in the gray areas.

What I really liked about this novel is the world building.  It’s futuristic, a little dystopian, set in the US. Imagine if the Republican Party and NRA took over permanently. Oil is king, every citizen carries a gun, alternate fuels are scorned despite the fact that the atmosphere is horrible. There are synthetic body parts and organs and improved healthcare, but if you get behind on your payments, the government comes and takes it away, replacing the synth with your original, failing organ. You can also be punished with Amnesty, a compulsory church attendance where you have to convert so many citizens to the main religion.

While the world-building was good, there are a lot of terms thrown around that I didn’t learn the definition of until 15% or more of the way in the book. I’m still confused about Sammies. Are they human or robot? There were also a lot of different classes. Prominents are at the top and Tramps are at the bottom, but there are some in-between classes I wasn’t sure about.

I found the writing to be fairly good and the story interesting. Overall, I was fascinated by the world, but there were just a few minor details missing that would have made the story a bit more cohesive.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 4/5

Writing: 4/5

Dialog: 3/5

Entertainment: 3.5/5

Interested in Daughter of Zeus? You can buy it on Amazon for only $3.99

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