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Floor 21 by Jason Luthor


Floor 21 by Jason Luthor is a dystopian/post-apocolyptic/suspense type of novel. In the style of recorded journal entries, the novel follows Jackie and her life in the Tower. No one remembers how they got there or what’s in the lower floors, and it will stay that way because of the dangerous Creep that grows thicker the further you go, not to mention the Tower Authority who will take you for Reinforcement if you ask too many questions. It’s just unfortunate that Jackie is full of them!


The style of this book was certainly different, but in a good way.

It was written well with only minor errors and the dialogue seemed to work well, though it did come off a little odd at times (for lack of a better word).

I will admit that I didn’t enjoy it at the beginning and I was dreading moving forward for the sole fact that the way Jackie spoke annoyed me so much. She’s seventeen and, to me, sounded like she was thirteen. However, I have met one or two people who speak similarly and they’re in their twenties, so I decided to move forward with an open mind.

I’m glad I did.

After a few entries I got used to her and by the end, I really admired Luthor’s consistency. Jackie’s voice was very distinct and it really brought her to life for me. Some of the other characters could have used a little more development I feel, but it may have been the fact that we’re seeing things through Jackie’s eyes that kept them at a sort of distance throughout the novel.

The worldbuilding was done well, though sometimes it was hard to picture things and I’m still not sure I have a good idea of what the tower looks like. It’s a murky picture at best. That said, the plot was really interesting. I’ve certainly never read anything like it before and there were a lot of aspects, like Floor 1, which I didn’t expect and were done very well. The only real critique I have in this regard is that I felt the pacing was really off the mark. The beginning was slow, but once the climax hit, everything took off too quickly and I had to reread some scenes a few times to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Overall, I thought this was a really entertaining read and I will likely read the next book in the series (though I will mention here that the first book ends on a satisfying note with not too many questions left unanswered, so there’s no pressure to read the next one if you don’t want).


Writing:                                         4/5
Dialogue:                                      4/5
Plot:                                           3.5/5
Characters:                               3.5/5
World Building:                          3.5/5
Entertainment Value:                    4/5
Average Overall Rating:        3.75/5

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lDllLlyo     -Beth

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