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The Peril Protocol by Robert Thornton


Warning: contains some gory scenes

The Peril Protocol by Robert Thornton is about Dr. Hope Allerd, a doctor working under a man that’s revolutionary treatment for meningitis, Dr. Peril. She’s extremely attracted to the man, but when a reporter, Clive Andrews appears and tells her Peril is a serial killer, Hope doesn’t want to believe him. She has her own scary past, and doesn’t want to ruin her white picket fantasies involving the doctor. When women she works with start turning up murdered, Hope can’t help but investigate.

I expanded on the Amazon synopsis a bit there, but from that, one would assume that this story just focuses on Dr. Hope and her day to day life as it’s affected by the murders but it doesn’t. That would have been a great novel by itself, and very Nancy Drew-esque. I liked Hope. She was smart, resourceful, and daring. Unfortunately, the story isn’t just about her. There are multiple perspectives and plot lines and we read a chapter or two from each character’s perspective. The author writes very short chapters, only two or three pages long, and generally switches from one character to the next. I understand it was a way to build suspense and keep reading, but there were some characters I didn’t care to hear from. This method also gave me all the clues I needed to solve the murder less than halfway through the book, which made the rest of the book predictable. But there were some twists I hadn’t expected, and the fast paced ending made up for the rest.

As for the characters, the only one I really liked was Hope, and even she had her naive moments that made me cringe. Clive was the only other character I sort of liked, and Hope still had to bail him out. The rest of the characters were a bit flat and one dimensional.

 The writing, while not bad and picked up pace towards the end, was a lot of tell instead of show, and filled with passive voice. Had the author removed the passive voice, I think the whole book would have been much more crisp and quicker paced.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Plot: 2.5/5

Characters: 2/5

Writing: 2/5

Dialog: 2.5/5

Entertainment: 2/5

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