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Just Married Again by Charlotte Hughes


Warning: Some Mature Content.

Just Married Again by Charlotte Hughes is a romantic comedy about overcoming the past. Maddy and Michael are separated and nearing divorce when, due to some meddling and a snow storm, they become trapped in a cabin together with Maddy’s two dogs and Michael’s nephew. With Michael having amnesia, a limited number of supplies, and none of them knowing when help will arrive, will Maddy and Michael be able to overcome their problems or are past wounds too deep to heal?


In all honesty, I was not a fan of this book.

On the one hand, the writing was fairly well done (minus the epilogue). The dialogue worked throughout most of it, I hardly found any errors, and the language fit with the genre.

On the other hand, I was not a fan of the characters and, as such, had a really hard time getting through this novel.

I liked the idea behind the plot and by the description, was expecting moments of cute reconciliation, humour, and lots of swooning. Instead, I found a lot of deep wounds, confusion, lies, mind games, deception, convenient misunderstandings, and a lack of real connection.

Maddy is a character who I got behind at first, but soon lost all respect for. I didn’t understand her motivations behind a lot of things, her constant mood swings, the way she seemed to go from confident to having no self esteem at all… And I still don’t understand what she sees in Michael.

Michael… I didn’t like him from the beginning and I certainly didn’t like him by the end. I know he was meant to be endearing, maybe even a little pathetic so we would sympathize with him, but he didn’t come across that way to me at all. He spent the entire book making snide little remarks (mainly regarding ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s work’), lying, scheming, and just generally being an ass. He had no growth as a character throughout the entire novel and any changes that did take place seemed rather sudden and without reason; those changes also generally seemed to disappear after a few pages. Then there’s the whole ‘I will fight to win her back until my last breath’, but when things don’t go his way and she doesn’t immediately fall back into his arms, he sulks and declares he will let her go since it’s obviously what she wants. He was immature and childish and I found nothing romantic about him or his relationship with Maddy.

Speaking on their relationship, I didn’t understand it. There wasn’t enough of a connection between them and whenever anything was mentioned, it was always about their physical connection. They didn’t seem to have much in common and seemed to be miserable when they were together which made it extremely difficult for me to want them to fight for the relationship. In fact, I spent most of the book hoping for them to go through with the divorce.

As for the nephew, I didn’t really understand his part in the novel except as the occasional ‘buffer’ or ‘sounding board’ and think it would have been better without him as the ‘convenient plot device’.

The plot had a lot of problems as well. It was very predictable and I found myself easily putting it down for days at a time without thought. Then you have this one scene which really made me uncomfortable… When a woman says no and makes it clear that she’s not interested in you, you do not then go feel her up while she’s sleeping. I don’t care if she is your wife (or was your wife) and you think you know her body language, if she says no, that means you respect that and do not grope her while she’s asleep.

Overall, my main problem with this story is the execution of it. The characters were inconsistent and all over the place, not to mention very unlikable, and that made the plot hard to follow and, at times, seem non-existent.


Writing:                                       4/5
Dialogue:                                  3.5/5
Plot:                                            2/5
Characters:                                 1/5
Swoonage:                                  1/5
Entertainment Value:                   1/5
Average Overall Rating:       2.08/5

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lDllLlyo     -Beth

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