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The Run-Away Couple by Maggie Tideswell

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The Run-Away Couple by Maggie Tideswell is the story of Piper and Marcus, who are maid of honor and best man in Piper’s little sister’s wedding, located in an gothic, haunted inn. Piper and Marcus have history. Growing up, they were neighbors, and Marcus was constantly teasing and pranking Piper. As a result, Piper is not pleased to be paired up with her unrequited teenage crush/tormentor. And as it turns out, her feelings for him never actually went away. Now, they have a night of forced encounters and socializing, but that’s not all Marcus has in mind.

This is a fairly short novel, spanning maybe 36 hours, maximum, so things happened rather quickly for my tastes, but the shared history between Marcus and Piper explains their hot chemistry. On the other hand, Piper went back and forth between noticing how good looking Marcus was, to reminding herself that he was a prankster and she shouldn’t get involved with him, that she didn’t want to be the butt of one of his jokes again. So when Piper did hook up with him (this is a romance, we knew that was going to happen), I thought the lady had protested too much.

But seriously, the man tormented her for years; I would not have been as nice to him as Piper was. My little sister’s wedding or not, I would have been super upset had she sprung that surprise on me, especially since the little sister knew how poorly Marcus had treated Piper in the past. I also don’t think that when a boy teases and torments a girl, that’s an acceptable way to show his affection, so I already didn’t like Marcus and was confused why she went to bed with him in the first place.

As for the supernatural aspect, the author handled the ghosts and haunting atmosphere rather well. I’m still unsure if they were real, or all a part of Marcus’ plan, which I don’t mind. There were a few twists, and the ghosts added some spice to an otherwise predictable romance.

Now for the actual writing. I understand that the author is from South Africa, so there were some different English terms I’d never heard of before and words that apparently mean something different in America than the rest of the world. Still, there was a lot of awkwardly written sentences, dropped words and repetition that could have been fixed with another read through by a different set of eyes. Unfortunately, these errors took me out of the story, especially the awkward phrasing and it was hard to jump back in.

My Rating: 2/5

Characters: 1/5

Dialog: 2/5

Plot: 2.5/5

Writing: 2/5

Entertainment: 2.5/5

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