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The Lone Hunter by M.A. Rivera


Warning: Contains violence and mature scenes.

The Lone Hunter by M.A. Rivera is about private investigator, Samuel Villaneuva, a young man that knows all about the monsters that inhabit the world. He consults for Houston PD on their unusual cases, which is where this book begins. Sam is called in to consult on the murder of a young woman, and quickly turns into a whole lot more, involving feuding vampires in a conflict that could put the whole city at risk.

The book has an interesting premise, and as I love a good Urban Fantasy, I was really excited to read this one, but after reading the first couple pages, I knew I was in trouble. I hate writing bad reviews, but we strive to be honest with both our readers as well as the authors, so here we are.

First, I thought the main character was female until he described himself in the mirror and mentioned having a beard. Sam, the main character, also told me his whole life history and how he came to be introduced to the supernatural.

But that wasn’t the biggest problem. While I don’t like info dumps, and the mirror trick is a bit cliche, I could have lived with that. What I can’t live with are grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in almost every paragraph. There’s a lot of passive voice and misused words. Let me give you a few direct quotes from the book:

  • “Gabriella was impassive but I was sure I had made a dent in her mind.”
  • “Victoria De La Torre is Dominic partner and one of the oddest person I have ever met.”
  • “I wasn’t talking about the case. I was referring to Tillman’s personal problems and he knew that. He also knew that I wasn’t going to insist anymore. I wasn’t a therapist and would probably give very shitty advice but I do listen. Sometimes that’s all a person wants; someone to listen. Yes, on occasion, even men. Not all of us bottle our emotions in an attempt to show our testosterone levels.”
  • “The cars in the parkway were reserved only for those who lived here. A small area was reserved for visitors and once parked, they were checked and timed until one of the residents called security to verify the name of the visitor. If said resident doesn’t call, the car is towed and security start looking for the intruder, eager to kick his ass.”

It’s the little errors like these, the poor phrasing and word choices, plus the constantly changing verb tenses, often in the same paragraph, that made this book hard to read.

To put it bluntly: this book is a rough first draft at best and should not have been published. It’s riddled with errors, and the plot is fairly predictable. There are no big surprises, and Sam always has the right answer, no matter what. Everything is easy for him, so there’s no risk or tension. He also spells everything out for the reader, which is a bad move for these books. As a reader, I want to make my own deductions and solve the mystery with the main character, not have motivations and explanations spoon fed to me.

That being said, I did like Victoria, and the small glimpses of her personality I got to read about, as well as Gabriella, though the fact she was hitting on Sam while knowing the nature of their relationship was a bit icky.

In conclusion, this book needs to be pulled, edited and rewritten before being re-released.

My Rating: 1.2/5

Plot: 1/5

Characters: 2/5

Dialogue: 1/5

Writing: 1/5

If anyone is interested and has Kindle Unlimited, this book is on there, or you can buy it for 2.99, here.

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