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A Treasure of Bone & Promises by Hob Goodfellowe


Warning: There are no chapters, only a couple of page breaks.
Be prepared to read in one sitting or risk losing your spot.

A Treasure of Bone and Promises by Hob Goodfellowe is a short novella. The first book in The Winter King series, this novella tells the tale of a young woman, Caewen, as she is forced into a dangerous quest by the cantankerous wizard who rules over her village.

*Please note that there have been changes to the title upon request of the author.


I liked this story, I did, but there were some real issues I had with the writing that I would like to get out of the way first, like ripping off a band-aid.

There were a lot of typos and grammatical errors, especially when it came to using, or rather not using, the comma. Due to the lack of commas when needed, there was no indication of where to pause in the sentences and it really harmed the flow of the story. This caused me to have to go back and reread things over multiple times to make sure I understood exactly what they intended to say. As the novella moved on and got closer to the end, the number of similes became almost overwhelming and the awkward phrasing more frequent. With a story of only 20,000 words, these errors were too numerous to overlook and it is obvious that this needed a couple more edits before publishing.

Now, if you can ignore those typos, flow problems, and awkward phrasing, the story itself is really enjoyable. The dialogue flowed really well for the most part, minus a few issues at the end, and the characters were reasonably fleshed out for the short time you get to become acquainted with them. I do wish you got a bit more on Caewen’s history, but I do feel like I had a firm grasp on her and the others by the end of it.

The best part for me was the world building. It wasn’t too in your face and there weren’t any massive information dumps; it was all worked in really well with the plot and I had no problems imagining the world that Hob Goodfellowe was describing without any effort or confusion on my end.

As for the plot, I thought it was really well done. I wasn’t expecting the ending which is always nice and it was paced very well. There’s only so much that can be included in a novella, and I thought it had the right amount of everything so that it didn’t become too cluttered.

Overall, I thought this was a good novella that I enjoyed reading, but I just really wish it had been edited better. Had those errors been corrected and some of the language smoothed out, this would have gone from just good to great.


Writing:                                   1/5
Dialogue:                              3.5/5
Plot:                                        4/5
Characters:                          3.5/5
World Building:                       4/5
Entertainment Value:               4/5
Average Overall Rating:     3.3/5

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lDllLlyo     -Beth

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2 thoughts on “A Treasure of Bone & Promises by Hob Goodfellowe

  1. The lack of punctuation would have killed it for me.

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