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A Boo-tiful Halloween by Angela Shori


So this book is a first for me, as I’ve never reviewed a children’s book before. A Boo-tiful Halloween by Angela Shori seemed a good place to start. As a mother of two toddlers, I had the perfect opportunity to test such a book and see how it’s received by the experts. My three year old, loved telling me the colors of the monsters and counting the pumpkins, although she said “eww, spiders!” on one of the pages. My one year old loved the bright colors and kept laughing and cooing throughout the book, She kept hitting my Kindle screen and saying “ba ba ba”, which I took to mean read it again, although my “baby language” is a little rusty. It’s possible she could have meant feed me. But, both kids sat through multiple readings of the story, which for a one year old is rare, though both kids love story time and books.

Both kids seemed to enjoy the brightly colored monsters and words which kept their attention, and the story was an easy little rhyme, which made it easier for them to follow along as I read. The book talks about and illustrates opposites such as big and small and far and near, but I was also able to work on counting, colors and letters as we read. It also carries through the Halloween theme with colorful monsters, cute pumpkins and ghosts, though my three year old didn’t appreciate the spiders. (girls!)

As for my opinion, I thought the font was cute and the rhyme well done, although the last page didn’t rhyme with the rest of the poem. I also wished for a bit more illustration, as most pages were a few lines or one illustrated monster on a plain white page. Now, this little book is only a minute or two read, but with younger children, you could easily spend five or more minutes teaching opposites, colors and counting to keep them occupied longer, which is a bonus for any parent or grandparent. This book is rated for ages 2-5, but I think you could go younger, say ages 1-3. I don’t think it’s quite complex enough to keep a 4 or 5 year old’s attention for long, especially if they like longer stories.

My Rating: 4/5

Since it’s a Halloween book, it’s a perfect time to buy a gift for the little reader in your life. It’s never too early to encourage reading and a love of books in a child’s life. Plus, thanks to a holiday promotion, this book is free on Amazon until October 28th!

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Thanks for reading!

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