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The Truth About Caroline by Randi M. Sherman


The Truth About Caroline is a humorous, sometimes sad tale about the main character, Caroline Matthews, who after being accused and acquitted for setting up her husband’s murder, has to put her life back together. She’s lost everything; her house, job, and friends, who no longer want to associate with a woman that was on trial for murder, and has to reinvent herself. She takes that task literally.

Faced with finding a new job and place to live, instead of living with her embarrassed, overbearing daughters, Caroline changes her name, fakes a resume, and lands a job. She then tackles online dating where she makes up an entirely different account of herself, and we watch her wade through the murky waters of online dating. Despite all of her lies and manipulations, is there someone out there for her that will see through her charade and get to know the real Caroline?

You would think that after spending time in jail and newly widowed, Caroline would embrace the chance to reinvent herself, work on her flaws and have a real relationship for once. She’s honest with herself, which is refreshing. She knows she’s manipulative, lazy and a liar most of the time, but she has no real motivation to change. There are a bunch of crazy twists and turns that prove to be entertaining. Caroline does try to change, towards the end, with interesting results. She loses one of her only friends, and goes back to her old self, since honesty didn’t get her what she wanted. But she tries again, and reports discrepancies at work, to help the company. She’s really trying to turn her life around and be a better person.

Despite these character flaws, I really enjoyed Caroline’s funny internal commentary of everyone she meets, along with her thoughts on the situations she’s in. I laughed out loud throughout the book, and really enjoyed myself. The other characters are three dimensional and almost as memorable as Caroline. I found the book well written, and despite being the second book in the series, had no problem reading it as a stand-alone novel.

My Rating: 4.8/5

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 4/5

Dialogue: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Laughs: 5/5

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