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A Big Hit by Jack Logan


Warning: Contains detailed descriptions of violence and death.

A Big Hit by Jack Logan is a darkly humorous novel that follows the life of Donny Driver as he goes from desk worker to assassin. In a world where murder is entertainment, one small misunderstanding will give Donny the opportunity to shed off his dull existence as a spectator and start to take part in the action.


I loved this book. It was absolutely ridiculous, but in the best of ways.

While I came across some errors in spelling and grammar, there wasn’t anything big enough to take me out of the story. It was written in a way that flowed really well and kept me turning the pages, not realizing when I had already read half the book until the phone rang and I had to mark my page. There were one or two small scenes that didn’t have much purpose, but in the grand scheme of things, that was a very minor detail.

Dialogue was great and went a long way towards the characterization. And speaking of characters, I loved them all. Donny, bored with his life, gets an opportunity to so something exciting for once and takes it. His reactions are very believable and I really appreciated a lot of smaller things added, like his emotions and thoughts after hearing what the news had to say about his work. Donny and even his girlfriend, Holly, had some real depth of character that I enjoyed immensely and, despite the immorality of what Donny is doing, I still felt I could relate to him. While most times I dislike when a book takes one or two major traits and only uses that for the secondary characters, not really giving them much depth, it really worked for this book. A lot of things were taken to the extreme in this book and while that could have easily turned this into a 2 star read, the great writing made all the difference in how it was perceived.

The plot was different, but stripped down to it’s bare bones wasn’t anything spectacular. What made the plot so great were the characters and writing. Those two things turned what might have been a mediocre tale of a mishap turning an everyday office worker into a killer, and turned it into a story that had me literally laughing out loud at parts. The ending especially is completely ridiculous, to the point where I was shaking my head, but I was shaking my head with a smile because it was just plain funny. The ‘twist’ was predictable to me, but the characters’ reactions were not and it was another part I liked.

I loved the humour, especially a lot of the darker humour and irony, and thought that Jack Logan did an incredible job with the writing and the characters (which were really the two factors that made this book so great). This was a highly entertaining read and I would definitely recommend giving it a try.


Writing:                                   4/5
Dialogue:                             4.5/5
Plot:                                     4.5/5
Characters:                             5/5
Laughs:                                4.5/5
Entertainment Value:              5/5
Average Overall Rating:     4.6/5

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One thought on “A Big Hit by Jack Logan

  1. kcarmichael on said:

    I love books like that! Might have to check it out…


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