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Pippa of Lauramore by Sheri L. Tapscott


Warning: Contains knights, dragons, jousting, and men so sweet you might swoon.

Pippa of Lauramore by Shari L. Tapscott is the story about Princess Pippa, a willful, adventure-prone girl. The book opens at the beginning of a tournament that’s being held in her honor. The winner wins her hand in marriage. The favorite, an uncouth Prince from a neighboring country is immediately cast as the bad guy, and Pippa is searching for a man that can best him. Enter Galindor, brave, strong, courteous and did I mention handsome? Pippa is drawn to him and they set out on a late night adventure that starts a chain of events that not even a Princess could predict. Will she find love or will she be trapped with the vile Prince Lionel? Or someone else entirely?

My thoughts:

I’m going to gush, so bear with me but it’s that good. I love these medieval fantasy type of books. There are knights, dragons, endearing declarations of love, an action packed tournament, danger, and a headstrong princess that’s trying to make the best of the situation. Princess Pippa had me laughing throughout the book, and although she’s a wonderful character, she has flaws, like being selfish and stubborn (she is a princess), but she does a wonderful amount of growing throughout and matures into a great person. She reminds me of Tamora Pierce’s Aly, one of my all time favorite characters and I loved her. The thirty men that competed for her hand were fabulous, multi-faceted characters as well. Pippa’s family is wonderful although sometimes I hated the king.

And Archer. What can I say about the Master Archer except, wow. He’ll have you sniffing back tears and sighs throughout the book. I honestly had no idea who she was going to end up with, although I was cheering for more than one man! Archer was definitely a favorite (I do love a forbidden man), and his loyalty to Pippa is admirable. The author creates such great heroes and villains turned heroes that I had a rollercoaster of emotions with some of the men.

Honestly, there aren’t many complaints about this books. The main villain was a little one dimensional. We don’t really know why he’s a bad guy, he’s just an unpleasant individual. I also found a few typos and errors, but the plot was sound, the writing beautiful and the rest of the characters pretty much perfect. I want to live in Lauramore and will definitely be picking up the next books in the series! Did I mention this is a debut novel? This author is skilled!

My Rating: 4.7/5

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4.5/5

Dialogue: 5/5

Writing: 4.5/5

Romance: 5/5

Interested in this book? It’s free on Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 on Amazon.

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