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Gold, Silver, and Bombs by Ted Tayler

Gold, Silver and Bombs

Gold, Silver and Bombs is the second book in The Phoenix Series by Ted Tayler. It’s an action thriller that opens with a murder at a fox hunt and is tied to the London Olympics through twists and turns that pop out of nowhere. The story centers around a group of special operatives working for the group Olympus, a highly secret and not quite legal bunch of good guys that sometimes get their hands dirty taking out the trash. They’re preparing for terrorists attacking the London Olympics Now, I didn’t read the first book in The Phoenix series, so I had no idea who Phoenix or the Olympus was. Luckily, it didn’t take too much thinking on my part to figure it out and catch up.

Although the story line was fairly complex and I kept guessing at how all of these pieces would come together (which kept me reading til late in the night), the author seemed to introduce a new character once every couple pages, sometimes sooner. In the beginning, I found it difficult to connect with the characters and keep track of who was who. Combine this with the fast-paced writing style and I found myself backtracking a couple pages because I felt like I missed something and had to reread whole sections. I got used to the third person omniscient perspective, but it’s not a personal favorite of mine. I like to know when a point of view is going to change, either by a page break or some other warning, not just jump from one character to another. But the author handled it well enough. The only problem that came with switching all these characters around was the info dumping. The author seemed to jump to one character for a few pages, throw in a bunch of information, usually in the form of long paragraphs of dialog and then jump to another character’s perspective. I felt like there were better ways to give the reader this information by show instead of tell. I discovered however, as the book goes on that Phoenix takes up the majority of the storytelling.

There were also quite a few typos and a few issues with tense, but I was able to look past them to get back into the book, although one more read through would clear them right up and make a smoother read.

I do have to say, even though I’ve never been to England, I could hear the accents through the dialog and I felt like I was right there with the characters, so that was a bonus for me. I’m a sucker for accents!

My Rating: 3.3/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Dialog: 2.5/5

Writing: 2.5/5

Entertainment: 3.5/5

Thrills: 4/5

If you’re interested in this book, check it out on Amazon for just $3!

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