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Indebted: A Sin from Ashes by Khai L. Bayne


Warning: Contains content for those 18+ as well as M/M

Indebted: A Sin from Ashes by Khai L. Bayne is an erotic paranormal romance with a lot of BDSM elements.  The story follows Artisyn (love that name!) Daniels, an ex- Special Operative who is called back into the line of duty by ex-lover vampire Theodore Mezzanetti.  Artisyn owes him a favor and he’s calling it in.  Women in the BDSM circle are being killed in a sadistic manner and it’s Artisyn’s job to figure out what’s going on.  Theodore gives her her own team, four super hot men that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  The plot is pretty straightforward, although there was one twist I didn’t see coming, which I appreciate.

  While I liked Artisyn for being a strong character, sometimes I found her tirades to be a bit tedious.  She was also demanding, made it absolutely clear (multiple times) that she had no intention of staying despite the growing feelings between her and the men, so I found her a bit selfish as well.  I still thought she was pretty awesome.

I still don’t understand why she needed four men to get the job done, but that might just be me.

The only other thing that took a while to get used to was the writing style.  The characters often had paragraphs of dialogue with no dialogue tags or breaking it up in any way, so I often imagined them ranting or talking really fast.  The book is also written in first present tense which I found a bit odd.  By the end of the story, I still wasn’t used to it.  I was able to enjoy the book though, so maybe it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought.

My Rating: 3.8

Plot: 3/5

Character: 4/5

Dialogue: 3/5

Writing: 4/5

Entertainment: 4/5

Heat Rating: 5/5

If you enjoyed my review, you can pick this book up on Amazon for only $2.99

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  1. Khai L. Bayne on said:

    Thank You! I appreciate it!


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