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A Shadow’s Embrace by Cara Carnes


Warning: Contains explicit language and content for those 18 and up

I received an ARC of A Shadow’s Embrace by Cara Carnes, which will be available for download on February 17th, 2015.

This novella is about two psychics with very different gifts, Devyn James and Dagan.  They live in a world where psychics are rounded up and kept in prisons.  Both have escaped and now Conver, the man who captured them, is hunting Devyn.  Devyn has been passing info from the streets on to the Shadows, a covert ops group that’s fighting Conver and his minions, and when her and Dagan’s paths cross, their two different missions become one.

I didn’t know this was a novella at first.  The author’s writing is fast paced and she throws a lot at you, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed by the length of the story.  Once I got a few pages in, it was fairly easy to keep up.  I don’t remember finding any grammatical errors, which is a welcome relief, especially for an ARC.  The big thing I noticed throughout the book is the constant swearing.  In almost every line of dialogue, someone’s dropping an F bomb or swearing in some other manner.  I’m not a prude and have been known to use my share of four letter words, but I believe that swearing should be used sparingly, that way it packs more of a punch.  After a while, it just doesn’t have the same effect.  There was also a lot of street lingo, but since that’s where these kids are from, it worked.  The dialogue was done well, although some of the romantic lines read a bit awkwardly.

There was a lot of chemistry between Dagan and Devyn and their relationship progressed at a normal pace.  Dagan is the Alpha male, but he backs his woman up and lets Devyn do what she needs to do.  There was one scene where he’s in her mind, watching her use her gift and they somehow end up kissing.  It wasn’t really explained how that happened and I didn’t like it.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed this novella.  There weren’t too many twists, but one small one that I didn’t see coming.  I also felt like the ending was a bit unsatisfactory and too easily resolved.  But if you want a quick read for the afternoon, pick this book up!

My Rating: 3.75/5

Plot: 3.5/5

Characters: 5/5

Dialogue: 3/5

Writing: 4/5


Heat Rating: 4/5

If you enjoyed this review, you can pre-order A Shadow’s Embrace on Amazon for $2.99.  Again, this novella will be released on February 17th, 2015.

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