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Jarrod Bancroft Book I: A Gift for Jarrod by Lizzie Ashworth

a gift for jarrod

Warning: Contains content for those 18+

Jarrod Bancroft Book I: A Gift for Jarrod by Lizzie Ashworth is a story about a Dominatrix, Marcie Fitzgerald, who runs an academy for those with certain needs.  Jarrod Bancroft, a student she taught in high school is now her student again and the feelings are still there.

My thoughts:

I was a little bit nervous about picking up a book on BDSM.  After a certain trilogy was released (I won’t name names but I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count), the genre has taken a turn for the worse with a bunch of books that glorify abusive relationships labeled as BDSM.  Thankfully, this book did BDSM rather well.  Some of the scenes were violent, but as it was a training scene, it wasn’t too much.  You also knew everything was consensual which was a huge deal for me.

I’m not usually into novellas, but I enjoyed this one.  As I understand it, this is part one in a five book series and it did not have a cliffhanger.  The ending was satisfying but left room for the next novella to pick up where this one stopped.  The relationship between Jared and Marcie was pretty good although you don’t see them interact much until the very end.

I found Marcie’s flashbacks to her teaching days and thoughts about Jared who was seventeen then, a bit disturbing.  That crossed the line a bit for me, but wasn’t enough to put me off the novella.  I did wish it had more in it, but I guess that’s what the next book is for.  Overall, the novella was hot, well-paced and satisfying.  I’ll probably come back to this one and most likely get the next book in the series.

My Rating: 3.4/5

Plot: 2/5

Characters: 4/5


Writing: 3.5/5


Heat Rating: 4/5

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