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30 Silver by Danielle Huber and Jennifer Selzer

30 silver

30 Silver by Danielle Huber and Jennifer Selzer is a story about Jarrod Morris, a young, idealistic college student that drops out and returns home to LA.  He meets a girl Eden, and falls for her.  But both of them have secrets that will change Jarrod’s life.  Jarrod’s being stalked by an immortal determined to use him for his family’s unusual gift.  As a descendant of Judas Iscariot, Jarrod and his ancestors have been charged to collect the 30 pieces of silver.

My thoughts:

I usually love long books and at almost three hundred pages, I was excited to dive into this book.  The premise was interesting and I looked forward to seeing how the story would progress.  Unfortunately, this was an extremely slow book.  If not for the scenes with Malchus, the immortal man trying to find Jarrod and collect all the silver, most of the book was about Jarrod and Eden’s relationship which honestly didn’t do too much to advance the plot.  Eden came in handy at the end, as did her friends, but that was pretty much it.  It wasn’t until page 200 when Malchus and Jarrod meet, does the action really start.  After that, things happened really fast.

I wasn’t thrilled with the ending.  After 283 pages, the problem was temporarily solved, there are still coins out there somewhere with no plan to collect them, and then it just ends.  Some of the problems are wrapped up, but not enough to leave me satisfied with the ending.  I mean, Jarrod didn’t even find out what he was until almost the end of the book and then the author didn’t do anything with it.

I did like Eden and Jarrod’s relationship which is good, because a majority of the book was about them.  I had no choice but to read about everything they did, every day.

Overall, a lot of the book could have been cut out to pick up the pace, and the ending could have been fleshed out a lot more.

My Rating: 1.9/5

Plot: 1.5/5

Character: 2/5

Dialogue: 2/5

Writing: 3/5

Entertainment: 1/5

Creature Feature: 2/5

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