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More by T.M. Franklin


More by T.M. Franklin is the first book of a paranormal trilogy. Ava Michaels thought she might have been special as a child, but soon came to think about herself as an average human. It isn’t until her reoccurring nightmares come to life that she realizes she may be something more. Chased by the Council with only the help of her physics tutor, Ava must gain control over her powers or risk being seen as a threat to the Race… and eliminated.


The novel started off with promise, but then went on a roller coaster of good and not so good moments.

In general, I didn’t mind the characters, but I felt there wasn’t a lot of depth to most of them. Ava and Caleb, being the two main characters, were the most developed and I was surprised to find that I liked Caleb much more than Ava. Caleb was a breath of fresh air from the male leads that are found in most novels today (you know the ones I mean – possessive, controlling, etc.). He let Ava make her own decisions, even when he believed they were the wrong ones, and when given options on how to get closer to her, chose not seduce her or her roommate; something I found both refreshing and a relief. His only major flaw was in trying to manipulate certain situations, but this was done with motivations I could understand. On the other hand, while I appreciated the fact that Ava was also out of the norm (every male wasn’t tripping over their feet to get to her), I found she fell flat. I didn’t get a sense for her personality and there were a lot of times where I couldn’t understand the decisions she made. The rest of the characters had one or two traits used to defined them (like Ava’s roommate being beautiful and a bottomless pit when it came to food), but didn’t stick out in any memorable way.

The dialogue flowed well, but I found the writing deteriorated in the middle of the novel. It was well written at the beginning and the end, but the middle portion didn’t seem to receive the same attention during editing. Besides some spelling and grammar problems, there were a lot of unnecessary modifiers that detracted from the reading experience.

While I didn’t find the novel hard to read and was drawn into parts, thoroughly enjoying them, there were some unanswered questions I had that I feel should have been answered in this first novel (I’m unsure if they are answered in the next). I loved the few twists thrown in at the end, but I wasn’t a fan of the ease in which everything concluded.

My biggest problem with this whole novel was the concept of the ‘Race’. I’m not new to reading about new ‘beings’ and I’m always looking for good, creative ones, but T.M. Franklin missed the mark. I don’t know whether this novel was supposed to be paranormal fantasy or science fiction, and I’m not sure Franklin knew either. While all of the components for a paranormal fantasy were there, the explanation for the Race turned everything 180 and attempted to bring in some heavy science fiction aspects, which I believe was a huge mistake. Because of the choice for a more scientific explanation, many of the ideas behind the Race were out of the realm of possibility and made no sense. I was extremely confused at the mix of fantasy elements trying to be explained in this way (glowing skin, ‘mimic’ abilities, aging, etc.) and even the things that were explained failed to hold any merit. It is my opinion that Franklin should have stuck to making this a paranormal fantasy, forgoing the science, or, if choosing to go the science fiction route, should have done a lot more research on the concepts included in the novel and their implications.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad read and there’s potential. It was entertaining and I liked that the characters were so different from most others in this genre. The twists at the end were exciting, but the poorly executed Race greatly detracted from the rest.


Plot:                                            3/5
Characters:                              2.5/5
Dialogue:                                    3/5
Writing:                                    2.5/5
Creature Feature:                     0.5/5
Entertainment Value:                   3/5
Average Overall Rating:       2.42/5

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