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Secret Shades Aroused by A P von K’Ory


Book Warning: Explicit content and mature situations.

Amazon Book Description:
Helena, twenty-two years old, is a Greek Cypriot endowed with the beauty to launch a thousand punches. However, Helena has a secret buried deep inside her that she keeps hidden even from herself. Until she meets two Catalonian cousins from an old aristocratic Spanish family.

Her heart is stolen by the twenty-eight-year-old steadfast masculine and beautiful Ramón. This frightens her so much she is determined to discourage any intimate relationship with him.

But her unfulfilled sexuality craves for the thirty-two-year-old hot, crackling, rakish bounder Enrique and she opts for him. Ramón’s interest trickles down to friendship.

But Enrique soon has no interest in pregnant Helena. She’s destined to be a single parent terrified of whether her unborn child will inherit her dark secret…

For the sake of her baby, she has to dig deep to solve the mystery and starts the quest that takes her across two continents…


I’m going to try and keep this criticism as constructive as possible, but I’m also going to be very blunt.

This book should not have been published. It needs an extensive amount of editing and it frustrates me that the author, A P von K’Ory, has priced this novel on the higher end of the spectrum ($5.00 US) when it is clear that a proper edit was not done.

When reading, it becomes apparent very quickly that K’Ory does not have a firm grasp of the English language. It was very difficult to decipher the meaning behind the sentences and was even impossible to do so at times. Some examples of this include:

  • “She blushed furiously, startled, and felt as if Enrique had caught her thinking about Ramon through an aria in the Matthew Pasiion, although Ramon and been but a backdrop in her ruminations.”
  • “Nasty and cheap words she never expected from him were streamers in her brightly lighted ears.”
  • “His voice imparted some hidden intimacy, indirectly caressed or promised tons of them in the right places.”

All of these can be found within the first few pages amongst numerous other indecipherable phrases and mistaken grammar. Many times, it seemed as if the words were run through a translator and pasted in, or that a thesaurus was used incorrectly.

It is unfortunate, but I cannot adequately comment on the plot or characters of this novel for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that I could not finish the novel due to the lack of proper editing, only managing to reach the halfway point. A second reason is that because of the lack of proper editing, I spent most of my time trying to figure out what K’Ory was trying to say, to the point where it was impossible to focus on anything else.

The idea may be there and the novel could potentially be interesting, but it is impossible to determine with this current edition.

It is my honest opinion that while A P von K’Ory may have taken the first steps in writing a novel, Secret Shades Aroused has not reached a point where it is ready for the public. Should this novel be rewritten and professionally edited, I would be willing to give it another read and revise my review.

As a writer, I understand the pride that goes into something you’ve written and the desire to publish. However, there is a process that needs to be respected. It’s there not only so that the reader gets the most for their money, but so that an author’s hard work can be fully appreciated and their story’s potential realized.

As it stands, I cannot in good conscience give this novel any stars at this point in time.


Overall Rating: 0/5

If you found this review interesting, you can find the book online here.


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