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Surrender the Sky By Meradeth Houston

Warning: Mentions suicide and depression.

Surrender the Sky is a Young Adult Paranormal about Gabby, who is a Sary.  A Sary is a winged, immortal creature, created from a stillborn child that was given the opportunity to become a Sary or pass on. Their sole purpose is to save those that are severely depressed and contemplating suicide.  Gabby has served the Sary faithfully for years, and follows their most important rule: don’t expose her kind.  When an assignment goes horribly wrong, Gabby’s cover as a normal, teenager is blown and sends her down an uncharted path.  Facing being stripped of her wings, Gabby must learn to trust her new friends, and new found abilities to save her race from a threat no one expected.

What worked:

I love the Sary race.  Any time I get to read about a new creature, I get excited, like I’m discovering something new.  There was a lot of information about their purpose and it felt really rounded out.

I loved Bea.  For a book that deals with some darker issues, she was a ray of sunshine that helped cheer up the other characters.  The whole cast of characters seems fairly well-rounded, and their reactions were sincere and believable.

Jassen. I had a love/hate relationship with him, but mostly love. I felt for him as a character, trying to uphold the Sary traditions and roles, but his problem with showing emotions frustrated me to no end!

What I wasn’t fond of:

Surprisingly, Gabby.  For a creature as old as she was, at some moments, less emotionally mature than Bea.  Especially when it came to Jassen.  I understand that was uncharted waters for her, but her years of existence should have given her a little more maturity.  Also, I didn’t like that once things got hard with her new gift and in her personal life, she wanted to run and argued to be released.  For someone that was supposedly so dedicated to the Sary and loved flying, she was willing to give it up fairly quickly when things got hard.  She also sounded like a sixteen year old, not an old immortal.  I just thought her voice would be more distinguished.  But, she was crucial in helping her race, so that did redeem her a bit.

The only other complaint was that some of the sentences (not many) were phrased awkwardly and pulled me out of the story.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Plot: 5/5

Characters 4/5

Dialogue: 3/5

Writing 4/5

Entertainment 3/5

Creature feature 5/5

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